‘Drive Bodies’ Product Category

Standard on all newer Stealth BMX hubs, but a great upgrade for older S2 hubs and as well as a replacement part for current hubs. An aluminum spacer provides 3mm of chainline adjustment. Great for riders using outboard bearing cranksets. Available for S2/S3 Pro, S3 Pro Disc, S3 Pro 20mm and S2/S3 Junior / Expert hubs. Includes: Drive body with bearings, Cog spacer, Cog clamp, Cog screws and T-10 wrench. Please note this is a BMX drive body kit, that contains everything needed to either upgrade the older model S2 BMX Pro and Junior/Expert rear hubs or a way to replace a S3 BMX hub’s drive body.

Part Number: DBODYK

Price: $95.00

Applies To: Stealth BMX S2/S3 Pro (Stnd and Disc), S3 Pro 20mm and S2/S3 Expert / Junior rear hubs

Stealth MTB Rear hubs can be upgraded from a Shimano compatible to a SRAM XD drive body or vice versa with our drive body kits. Kits include: the drive body, required bearings, axle, and dust shield (S4 models only). Choose a kit with steel or ceramic bearings. Available for S3/S4 MTB Rear hubs.MTB Rear Hub Drive Body Kits

Part Number: DBODYK-MTB

Price: $188.00 – $220.00

Applies To: Stealth MTB S3/S4 MTB rear hubs