Stealth MTB Hub Install Instructions


Congratulations and thank you for purchasing the True Precision Stealth Hubs. We at True Precision are condent that within one minute of riding your new hubs, you will be amazed by the quick engaging, high quality feel of our product. e Stealth hub set is sure to bring you years of trouble free riding.

Please be certain to follow this list of guidelines when installing or servicing your Stealth hubset:

You will need to install your cassette onto the drive body. Avoid over-tightening the Shimano cassette nut.
Other than cleaning and re-lubricating the rear hub drive mechanism after extended use, the hub should not be disassembled in any way. Any damage caused by this procedure or any modication will void warranty and could cause failure.
If you experience excessive drag or overly loose wheel, you will need to adjust the bearing preload. On the non-drive side, loosen the 2.5mm socket head screw on the clinch nut. Tighten or loosen to achieve a compromise between drag and wheel shake. Do not over tighten the clinch nut screw.
Do not use abrasives or any kind of solvent to clean hubs.
Always use clean, lint-free rags when cleaning internal parts.
ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY do not use any other lubricant in your Stealth hubs other than a little bit of ATF oil on the needle clutch, other lubes can cause engagement failure and or injury could occur. Other ball bearings, feel free to use what you want.
The following tools should never be used on the Stealth hub: hammer, pliers, chisel, file, hacksaw, grinder, Dremel tool, pipe wrench, belt sander, back hoe, channel locks.
Please avoid riding through dog doo doo while enjoying your new Stealth hub. Although this will not affect our hub, the rider may suer socially.
Remember, the bearings in your Stealth hub set will break in with use, do not attempt to adjust until after a reasonable break-in period.
We don’t recommend radial lacing, causing excessive eyelet stress and unstable wheels.