BMX Rear 20mm Frame Axle

Our 20mm frame axle is the ideal way to mount our Stealth Pro 20mm rear hub to your 20mm bike. This is the axle needed to mount a 20mm hub to a 20mm frame. Our 20mm frame axle is a precision machined aluminum axle with threaded bolts to secure it to the frame. The axle is tightened by using 8mm hex wrenches. We have specific axle lengths to fit all 20mm frames currently available. By matching the axle to the frame, this gives the perfect fit in every application without the need for washers or spacers. Laser marked Stealth logos on the bolts give the perfect finishing touch to this axle.
Frame Axle Buying Guide

Our 20mm frame axles are sized to fit specific models of frame. Each axle is slightly different in length, which allows for the perfect mechanical fit and the cleanest look, without the need for washers or spacers. In order to achieve the perfect fit, the correct length axle must be selected. Select your frame model from the drop down list below. If your frame is not listed, please contact us to find the correct length axle for your application.

Part Number: FRA20

Price: $60.00

Applies To: Stealth BMX Pro Rear 20mm hub (20mm S3 model only)