Clinch Nuts

The Clinch Nut replacement part is for all S3 hub models and all S1 & S2 legacy hub models. See the table below to determine the correct clinch nut size for your hub.

Part Number: CN01

Price: $18.25 – $22.00

Reference this table to determine the correct size clinch nut for your specific hub model.

S3 Hubs – (see legacy hubs below)
Clinch Nut Size Part # Fits
Small CNJX S3 Expert Front
S3 Expert Rear
S3 Junior Front
S3 Junior Rear
Medium CNPR S3 Pro Rear
S3 Pro Disc Rear
S3 MTB Rear
S3 Downhill(DH) Rear
S3 Poacher Rear
Large CNPF S3 Pro Front
S3 Pro 20mm Front
S3 Pro 20mm Rear
S3 MTB Front(all axles)
S2 & S1 Legacy Hubs – (see current hubs above)
Clinch Nut Size Part # Fits
Small CNJX S3 Road Rear
S2 Expert Front
S2 Expert Rear
S2 Junior Front
S2 Junior Rear
Medium CNPR S2 Pro Rear
S2 MTB Rear
S2 Poacher Rear
S2 Downhill Rear
S1 BMX Front(Pro)
S1 BMX Rear(Pro)
S1 MTB Front(QR)
S1 MTB Rear
S1 Poacher Rear
Large CNPF S2 Pro Front
S2 MTB Front(all axles)
S2 Poacher Front(all axles)
Applies To: Stealth S3, S2 & S1 front and rear hubs