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Frequently Asked Questions

The engagement is amazing. What makes the hub work?

The engagement mechanism in our hub is a roller clutch. The roller clutch is common in many industrial applications. We have adapted it for use in a bicycle hub. The clutch looks like a needle roller bearing at first glance, but inside the outer race behind the rollers is a series of ramps and springs. When the clutch engages the rollers ride up these small ramps and lock onto the drive body (our name for the part that the cassette/cog is attached to). This allows the transmission of power from the pedals to the wheel. When coasting, the tiny springs behind each roller push the rollers down the ramps and allow the drive body to rotate inside the clutch. Since the clutch is composed of only rollers and not any pawls or face ratchets with teeth, it is totally silent when coasting.

Is the Stealth hub serviceable by the user?

Yes. Our hubs are serviceable by the user and very easy to disassemble. However, any service beyond inspection, cleaning and re-lubing of the engagement mechanism and bearings should be performed by our factory technicians at our facility.

How often does my hub need to be serviced?

In dry climates and riding conditions, once a season is adequate. In wet or extreme climates, the hub will require service more frequently.

How do I service my hub?

A typical service is cleaning, inspection and re-lubing. Full service instructions are available at the Hub Instructions section of our website. A brief overview of a service is as follows: Thoroughly clean the exterior of the hub before dis-assembly. This prevents any contaminants from entering the hub when it is disassembled. Remove the klinch nut and pull out the axle and drive body. Remove the axle from the drive body. Inspect the bearings inside the drive body for contamination, roughness and play. Inside the large end of the hubshell is the clutch. Inspect the clutch for dirt or rust. Especially important is the black plastic clutch spring retainer. Check this for cracking or deforming. If everything looks and feels good, lube the clutch with a small amount of ATF and reinstall the drive body into the clutch. Reinstall the axle and tighten the klinch nut. If any damage or roughness is noticed, contact us for replacement parts and further instruction. For detailed instructions and a complete service summary, see the hub instructions section of our website.

What should I lube my hub with?

The engagement mechanism (clutch) is a precision mechanism requires the correct type of lube to function properly. We require that the clutch be lubed only with Automatic Transmission Fluid(ATF). If any other type of lubrication is used, especially thick grease, the clutch may not engage properly and the warranty will be voided.

I got a new fork/frame, can I convert my hubs to work with a different style of fork/frame?

One of the great features of Stealth hubs is the ability to switch axles within the same hubshell. Our MTB front hubs can be converted to QR, bolt on, 15mm thru and 20mm thru just by switching to a different axle. The rear MTB hubs can be converted to QR, bolt on, 10mm thru and 12mm thru. Our Poacher single speed is convertible from bolt on to QR by installing threaded QR inserts into the axle. This quick and easy changeover saves time and money by eliminating the need to buy and build another wheel if you want to switch forks or frames.

Can I use any brand of cogs on your BMX or Poacher hubs?

No, our hubs use our proprietary cog system. Other brands of cogs are not compatible with our hubs and vice versa.

Where can I purchase a Stealth hub?

Stealth hubs are available at bike shops all over the world. However, if your local shop does not carry stealth hubs, they can become a Stealth hubs dealer or we can sell a hub directly to you. We do sell Stealth hubs directly from our website.

I am looking for sponsorship; Do you have any sponsored riders?

We have various levels of sponsorship available. The best way to apply for sponsorship is to check out our profile on Hookit.

I am concerned with long term durability; do you stand behind your products?

All of our products are covered under our 5 year warranty. We want our customers to be satisfied and will do what it takes to make sure that they are happy. We pride ourselves on our customer service.

Note – If you did not find your question and answer above, please feel free to contact us with your question.