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Stealth Hubs Logo Images

The “Stealth Hubs” logos are available for any of your needs and may be downloaded at your convenience. The “Stealth Hubs” logo is copyrighted. The only restriction is you may not modify the original design. You may re-size the logo as needed and place the logo over any background you prefer. There are four logo designs available for downloading. Each with a specific purpose. The two color logos are purple for placement over dark color backgrounds and red for placement over light color backgrounds. There are two black stroked logos; one with white fill and the other black text logo has fully transparent fill which will become the color of whatever background it is placed over. So enjoy and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you!

Note: All Logo images have transparent backgrounds with the dimensions of 400 pixels x 250 pixels. The download zip files contain both .PNG (image file) and .SVG (vector graphic file) file formats.