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Featuring oversize sealed bearings and a one piece axle design, the Stealth MTB front hub is strong enough for downhill and light enough for cross country riding. With an interchangeable axle design, the hub is easily convertible from QR to 20mm thru to 15mm thru. The bearing preload is adjustable while the hub is on the bike, so the preload can be perfectly set. Ceramic bearings are an a popular upgrade. Read the rest of this entry »
Famous for instantaneous engagement and silent coasting, the Stealth MTB rear hub has been available for over 10 years. The Stealth MTB rear hub utilizes our proprietary engagement mechanism, which provides instant engagement and power transfer. This is an advantage that is immediately noticeable when riding the Stealth hub and will help in all riding situations. We have designed the Stealth MTB rear hub with interchangeable axles, available in all popular configurations, so that swapping a hub from bike to bike is quick and easy. Read the rest of this entry »
All of the features of the Stealth MTB 135mm hub are available in both the 150mm and 157mm versions. Just like the Stealth 135mm hub, both the 150mm and 157mm hub features instantaneous engagement and silent coasting. With a one-piece heavy duty axle and heat treated stainless steel cassette body, the Stealth Downhill (DH) rear hub can handle all the abuse that gravity riders can give it. Available in 12mm x 150mm and 12mm x 157mm. The Stealth DH hub is covered by our 5 year warranty and is made in the USA. Read the rest of this entry »
With the same instantaneous engagement and silent coasting as our MTB and BMX rear hubs, the Poacher single speed rear hub is the perfect match for a single speed bike. The silent coasting feature compliments the simplicity of a single speed drive train and the instantaneous engagement is always an advantage for any type of riding. The Stealth Poacher hub is a hybrid of our BMX and MTB hubs. It uses the same quick change cog system and heat treated stainless steel cogs as our Stealth Pro BMX hub. Read the rest of this entry »