BMX Pro Rear Axles (Standard and Disc models)

Replacement axles for the Stealth BMX Pro Rear standard and disc hub models. These axles will convert S2 and S3 Stealth Pro rear hubs to either 15mm or 3/8 bolt-on. Got a new frame? There is no need to buy a new hub or wheel, just convert your existing hub. Converting to a 15mm or 3/8 bolt-on is quick and easy with these axles. The stock 3/8” axle can be replaced with the 15mm axle in a few minutes using only a 2.5mm hex wrench or vice versa. The 15mm axle is the axle you need for the Redline Flight Carbon Frame or with all 15mm frames currently available. To mount a hub with the 15mm through axle installed to a frame, a frame axle is required. See our BMX Rear 15mm Frame Axle product to get all the parts you will need.

These axles are not compatible with Junior and Expert rear or the Pro 20mm Rear hubs. Hub axles for the BMX Pro 20mm Rear hub model are available.

See our Instructional Videos for information on how to replace the axle on a Stealth Hub.

Part Number: PR-AXLE

Price: $65.00 – $80.00

Applies To: Stealth BMX Pro Rear hub (S2 and S3 standard and disc models)